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Hi all! Just a quick update on blog progress to tide you over. I was stuck planetside for the last week or so, mostly in a hauler taking cargo across American Highsec, with only a few jumps through the Lowsec constellation known as Chicago. I'm back though, and will be continuing with the Eyes On series, with the new one due out in the next few days.  CONTEST TIME! This ties in with the next articles, since I'm still working up by Factional Warfare plex sizes, and the last three groups are: Navy Faction, Pirate Faction, and Miscellaneous Frigates (Venture, Skybreaker, Damavik). So its time for you to make the choice! Send me an Evemail, comment below, or on the media you see me post this on, and tell me the group you want to see, and either the best or worst reason why. Winner will get a care package of isk, and probably some random goodies thrown in on contract in Eve. Never quite sure what I have, but my SKINs container in Jita is up to ~5 billion isk in value, so it'll b

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